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Granite countertop in Massachusetts.  


Welcome to,while in our site I hope you enjoy your stay and find the information that you are looking for, be it what granite to choose from, what are the most popular granite colors for your countertop and where to find them. 

There are a big number of granite fabricators and granite suppliers in Massachusetts. I am not sure which state is the one that most buy granite stones for countertops and vanities, but Massachusetts must be up there. Granite is the countertop of choice of most contractors and cabinet makers. Granite offer that distinct beautiful look of nature that few other countertops can provide. Most of the granite slabs that are currently present in the American market comes from Brazil, China, Norway and India. If you are shopping for granite in Massachusetts and do not know where to start you came to the right place. With over 15 years of work in the granite industry, we have experience with all kind of stones: Granite, Marble, caesarstone, silestone, cambria and soapstone.  

Granite remains being one of the favorite materials for countertops. The resistance and the beauty of granite cannot be compared. Some of the most popular granites are Ubatuba, Santa Cecilia, Cranberry Brown, Blue Pearl, Black galaxy, Giallo San Francisco and Giallo Veneziano.  

Marble is a very popular surface too. The biggest problem with marble is its fragile material. That’s why most people will use marble for vanities in the bathroom instead of using for kitchen countertops and islands. 

There is also what the call engineered stone (Silestone, Caesarstone, Technistone, Cambria, Hanstone & Dupont Zodiaq.) These are the top engineered stones. These stones are usually more expensive than regular granite and are manmade. They do not have the prettier movements and designs that you naturally find on granite, they usually have a grainy visual but some of them are very pretty. Quartz is also a very durable material and you do not require the application of sealer. 

Soapstone is another material very popular among Massachusetts residents, Specially for its durability and the old feel that it gives for some of our colonial homes. Soapstone does have a down side, it scratches easily, so extra careful if you decide to go with soapstone. 

Also very popular nowadays and something that will give your countertop a little extra edge is granite tile countertops. One of our managers just redone is kitchen with black galaxy for granite tile on his countertop and island and cranberry brown for his granite floor tiles and with sherry maple cabins and it looked very good. 

Granite prices in Massachusetts will vary a lot. If you are not afraid to walk a little bit you can find some great deals. A lot of the granite companies today have specials that include granite price, installation, backsplash and several options of edges. Usually the granite slabs offered in these specials are the most common ones or the ones that haven’t sell, so if you want a special stone or something more unique be prepared to pay. 

Granite will be a big investment on your new home or when you redesign your kitchen. Make sure to look for the best company to serve your needs. Ask for references and warranty on your granite. Although granite is a very durable countertop and it does not stain easily, you want to ask all these questions prior to the purchase of your granite countertop.

Here is some of the Massachusetts granite companies that I worked for or with and can attest to their quality and reasonable prices. While these are some of the companies I worked with they are by no means the only ones you should contact, there are several other companies in your area that might have the same quality in their products and prices. Also if you are buying new cabinets, the cabinet company will refer you to some granite suppliers as well. good search!

Central Massachusetts

All Granite and Marble - 377 Worcester Rd - Charlton - MA - 01507

Discover Granite - 4 Latti Farm Rd - Millbury, MA 01527

Sudbury Granite - 28 Hastings St - Mendon, MA 01756

Boston Area

Bay State Marble & Granite - 78 Willow Court - Dorchester - MA 02125

Western Massachusetts

Northern Granite - 380 Union Street - West Springfield - MA 01089

Lowell Area

Revolution Granite - 461 Main Street - Tewksbury - MA 01876